(Translated into English from testimonies of attendees of the NCLM conferences in Chinese.)

testimony 1

The most important takeaway from the  “New Creation” conference is: a complete new understanding of myself. Before this, I saw myself according to the flesh, or according to the mind, or according to works. This course, however, taught me to see myself from the “spiritual” angle: I am a brand new creation through believing in the Lord. This new person (spirit) is completely holy and blameless. This understanding is truth taught in the Bible.                                                                                    

In times past, I strived to be a good person: through my own efforts I tried to be a law-abiding citizen, and to hold myself to moral and behavioral standards. When some situation came up, I relied on my experience and judgment to deal with it. When faced with challenges, I tried to avoid them as much as possible, why take on more? My focus was on myself.
Now things are different. I know it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. When faced with issues or challenges, I seek God’s will and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Whenever I become aware that I am still striving through my own effort, I immediately repent and return to Christ. 
Now my live is relaxed and free.

testimony 2

The teaching of the “new creation” helps me to have absolute assurance in the essence of my life and in the essence of my faith. My identity is affirmed and my faith is strengthened so that I fully believe nothing can separate me from the love of God.                                                      

In the past I operated this way: when things went well, I was pleased with myself; when things did not go well, I tried to escape reality. I could only come out of my misery after a long period of time when I felt I had changed for the better. Now, no matter what the circumstances are, my life is united with Christ in death and resurrection, and hidden in God. Knowing I have the life of Christ, there is no behavior that cannot be changed if I offer myself to God.

testimony 3

This new person in me, while dwelling in the body, can sometimes be tempted by the desire of the flesh to sin. Facing this reality, I do not keep condemning myself after sinning. Instead, I am sensitive to the reminding by the Holy Spirit, and motivated to be free of the snarl of sin. Moreover, I no longer fall into the trap of pursuing the impractical goal of never sinning, or never committing the same sin.

We learn to study the Bible by allowing it to teach us through its use of words, context and constructs. Studying this way, the intention of the biblical authors came through, and furthermore, some frequently quoted passages become solutions to many major problems because they are the keys to changing lives. By being receptive, the Lord’s prayer can bring us to surrender our own sovereignty to him. After taking the course, I realized this is the way Bible is meant to be read. What a delightful experience.                                


It used to be, with whatever command of the law I was able to do well, I would find fault in others; with those I was not able to do, I would look down on myself. However, in all this, the focus was only on whether my behavior was up to par, but all the while I ignored the intention of God. Now I understand the intention of the law is not for us to carry out its commands one by one, but for us to know sin, and to come before God to trust him. Therefore, I no longer need to condemn the sins of others, nor condemn those of my own. Instead I reflect on whether I have come before God, whether I have encouraged others to come before God.

During the class, I happily found out I was not alone, but in the company of many fellow travelers. Much thought went into the design of the course so that the messages fit together seamlessly. I unloaded my burden of trying to rescue the church by first humbling myself, for there is plenty of time to learn. If past gatherings were taking me through the wilderness, now the gatherings are taking me to the sweet land of Canaan.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


I used to have no confidence when faced with conflicts and challenges. I always put the blame on myself. I did not have the courage to express my opinion, nor do what I wanted to do. Now with the understanding of my worth and position before God, often I can face challenges without fear, because I know I can go to God and he will surely help me. He helps me to truly know the affirmation of the Father, and of the Son, and the acceptance of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This is truth, not based on my feelings.

The course of “Life in Christ” caused me to understand God’s affirmation and acceptance of me is the most important thing in the world. I also came to realize many of my worries and fears were caused by my lack of significance. The way out is not to work harder, but to return to Christ, to experience the love of God. Believing God loves me unconditionally,
I can be genuine before him, free from the fears of being accused or abandoned.                                                                                                                       


In the past, I operated according to the ways of the world. Interpersonal relationships were conducted by pleasing the strong, but oppressing the weak. Work was completed by carrying out in the most expedient way, without concern for the feelings of others. Now from the heart, I begin to respect and empathize with others, just like how God treats me. At the same time, I know a person is much more valuable than tasks. I express my opinion without judgment, always leaving room for others.

My previous way of facing conflicts was to establish right and wrong. I would not quit until the matter was settled, especially at home. I did not care how others felt. Now I place more and more importance on how others feel, and I can have more empathy for them. I do not wrap myself around right and wrong. As a result my interpersonal relationship is much more at ease and relaxed, and I have more joy. This is also true of my service at church: In the past I used to suppress myself, but it only brought bitterness; now I truly understand the Gospel, and the salvation of Jesus Christ.

Knowing I am a holy new creation gives me inner courage and strength.
I long to live out this holy life.